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Workwear production

To remain competitive in a saturated workwear market, in 1991 F. Engel K/S closed its machine rooms in Denmark and chose instead to set up the company Engel Dali with 2 factories in Lithuania. The machines from the existing machine room in Haderslev were moved to Lithuania, and the employees of the new machine rooms received thorough training.

Workwear production
Workwear production
Workwear production

One of the main reasons for choosing Lithuania as the new production centre, was the short transport time to Denmark. The company still wanted to offer flexible delivery times - and with only 48 hours transport time from Lithuania to Haderslev, we can still ship special orders as quickly as we could when our production was at home.

About the factories

The main factory is in the town of Utena, an industrial town in eastern Lithuania, which is known for its food and textile industry. Today, this modern factory employs around 210 people and handles the administration for the entire Engel Dali group. The factory's main job is to produce ENGEL Workwear. The factory has a capacity of 10,000+ units a week, and thanks to the double-shift operation, the machines are used optimally.

Our sub-factory lies in the little town of Zarasai in north-east Lithuania, and employs around 140 people. This factory is also modern and has the latest equipment for producing men's trousers for one of F.Engel's other brands. The factory has a capacity of 5000+ trousers a week. Alongside trouser production, the factory also houses the entire cutting department and raw materials warehouse, which services the two machine rooms daily.

ENGEL factory in Utena
ENGEL factory in Zarasai

With our own two factories, not only can we ensure the highest quality standards, we can also quickly ship special orders to our customers.


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