Workwear for every environment
Choosing the right workwear for warehouse work is not just a question of ensuring that it is suitable for the tasks ahead of you – the temperature in the warehouse is also a factor. Below, we have selected several items of workwear that match the different functions, but which also take the working temperature into account.


A cold warehouse environment will typically be a cold store or a storage facility for items which do not require a heated warehouse environment. The most important thing in a cold warehouse is to wear enough clothes so that you do not freeze. The body is so designed that its temperature falls immediately the surroundings become so cold that the body is not able to produce as much heat as it is dissipating. This means that the body automatically cools down to save energy. When this happens, the body is far from as efficient as it would otherwise be, and you will then not be able to perform your work as efficiently as if you were warm. To avoid this situation, it is important to be properly dressed.

Workwear must meet two requirements; if you are not particularly active for shorter or longer periods in the course of the day, then it must ensure that you can stay warm in the cold environment. On the other hand, if you are very active, the clothing must allow the heat to escape from the body.

Our Combat series offers a wide range of garments for working in cooler warehouse environments, but also several items which are particularly suitable for working outdoors in the cold. Combining garments in the Combat series would provide the perfect solution.


Wick moisture away from the body
In order to keep your body dry, it is important that you choose clothing that lets the skin breathe while wicking perspiration away. Our product range includes socks that contain both wool and COOLMAX®. The wool keeps you warm, while the COOLMAX® helps to keep your feet dry. Our thermal underwear is also designed to wick perspiration away from the body to achieve the highest degree of insulation. However, it is not a good idea to wick moisture through the innermost garment layers unless it can also pass through the outer layers. Therefore, we also have jackets with the same functionality. They are equipped with our unique FE-Tex membrane, which ensures that moisture can escape from the body – while at the same time insulating against the cold.


We supply workwear adapted to multiple industries.

  • Warehouse
  • Bricklayers / Masons
  • Garage
  • Landscape gardener
  • Coporate wear
  • Carpenters