Workwear for gardeners

As a gardener, one thing is certain: your workplace is outdoors. Regardless of whether you are working at a cemetery, for a local authority or with park and garden maintenance, you will be performing your work in all kinds of weather.

Workwear for warm weather

We might not have control of the weather, but fortunately you are able to choose the right clothing for your employees with our wide range of ENGEL Workwear which are suitable for outdoor work. On a warm summer day, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts and a work vest will be perfect, while rainwear will be necessary when everything is wet.

If you spend a lot of time kneeling, a pair of long trousers will be preferable. Our trousers, which are especially developed with gardeners in mind and obviously have pockets for knee pads. Even though it is hot and shorts are preferable, it is important to choose a pair of trousers with space for knee pads instead. Our knees should last a lifetime, so it is important to protect them against impact.

Workwear for gardeners

Workwear for cold weather

In the cold winter months, there is also plenty to do outdoors and also very important to wear the right clothing. You must be able to keep warm, but at the same time you have to perform your work without becoming drenched in perspiration. A winter jacket will allow the body to breathe and will be a good choice.

In rain or sleet, it is important to have outerwear that keeps you dry. At ENGEL Workwear, we have numerous products which are EN343-certified – i.e. they are guaranteed to keep the water out.

EN 343 - your guarantee that the water stays outside

This pictogram states the degree of protection. The figures next to the pictogram state:
x: The outdoor jacket's ability to resist water penetration from the outside (water resistance)
3 = Highest protection
1 = Lowest protection
y: Resistance to moisture transfer (breathability)indicates how well moisture from perspiration can escape from the inside and out through the outer fabric.
3 = Very good drainage
1 = Poor drainage

EN 343

Workwear for the colder months

Keep your feet warm

In the cold winter months, one particularly important piece of clothing is the socks we are wearing. If you don’t keep your feet warm, your whole body will soon start to feel cold.
We have especially developed socks which contain both wool and COOLMAX®. The wool keeps you warm, while the COOLMAX® helps keeping your feet dry. Both are very important when working outside in the cold.

COOLMAX® keeps the skin dry

Products made with COOLMAX® fibres have the special property of keeping the skin dry. The COOLMAX® fibres wick moisture away from the skin for greater comfort.


Accessories for gardeners

In addition to keeping your feet warm, it is also important to keep your body warm. Wearing several different layers will keep you well-insulated against the cold. For the innermost layer, ENGEL Workwear’s thermal underwear would be a good choice as it is absorbent, yet does not take up much space underneath ordinary workwear.

Need advice on choosing workwear for gardeners?

For advice and guidance on products to match your particular needs, please contact our customer service on tel. (+45) 74 22 35 15 / (+45) 74 22 35 17 or one of our sales consultants by using the form on the right.


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