Workwear for garage work

Working as a mechanic you will meet increasingly requirements staying abreast of developments. In the past, cars were basically mechanically operated – today you need to know more about electronics.

This development is being reflected in the development of workwear for mechanics. Previously, a pair of blue overalls in hard-wearing polyester was sufficient enough for a mechanic – today the clothing has to fit well and provide plenty of flexibility for the mechanic to enjoy max comfort and protection.

Requirements for a mechanic’s workwear

As a mechanic, your working positions are many and varied, and it is very important that your clothes fit comfortably and is not too tight while you are sitting on your heels or standing underneath a lifted car. This is one of the reasons why we have developed a series of workwear which is particularly suitable for garage mechanics. Our Galaxy series is made of durable fabric with ergonomically shaped legs so it is extremely comfortable to wear.

In addition to needing to fit well and be flexible, it is important that the mechanic’s workwear does not have any sharp or hard objects that might scratch a vehicle’s surface. This has also been addressed by the Galaxy series, which has buttons and zippers which are either concealed or covered by fabric.

Workwear for garage work

Workwear for different indoor and outdoor tasks

In car bodyshop, the doors are frequently left open, and mechanics are often exposed to drafts. In order to protect against draft, many mechanics choose to wear bib overalls. The advantage of a pair of bib overalls is that they protect the lower back against cold air, whereas a T-shirt can easily become untucked and expose your back.

In order to counter the fact that a mechanic often works outside as well as inside, our range also includes a softshell jacket. The softshell jacket is a popular choice of garage mechanics as it is both comfortable and flexible to work in, and it is easy to take on and off depending on whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

Look after your knees with knee pads

A mechanic’s work is synonymous with having to spend a lot of time kneeling. A mechanic kneels down many times during a working day, and causes a repetitive strain, and a pair of shock-absorbing knee pads are a must. You want to keep your knees healthy for the rest of your life. Knee pads protect your knees against injury – and to make sure that your work trousers last longer, we use Cordura® reinforcement fabric on the knee pockets.

Accessories for mechanics

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