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Working as a carpenter on large projects demands a lot of expertise and coordination – and it also places considerable demands on the workwear.

For a carpenter, it is important that the workwear:
  • Has knee protection
  • Has many pockets
  • Is wear-resistant
  • Is suitable for all kinds of weather

At ENGEL workwear, we have an extensive collection of workwear which is particularly suitable for carpenters.

workwear for carpenters

Wear-resistant and tried-and-tested workwear

As a carpenter, you need workwear that is resistant to wear. During the course of the day, the workwear will be repeatedly exposed to abrasion etc. – and it is therefore important that the clothing is made of a fabric which is able to withstand this wear.

When developing new products, we always test the fabrics including different models to ensure that they meet the demands a carpenter will have of his workwear. And for the same reason, we use Cordura® fabric to reinforce particularly exposed areas on the clothing – for example the knees of carpenter trousers.

CORDURA® protection on the knee extends the life of the trousers

We use 100% Cordura® – 220 g/m2 – reinforcement on the knee pockets of most of our trousers. CORDURA® is an extremely durable material, which is incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to tears and holes.

  • 10 x more durable than cotton
  • 3 x more durable than standard polyester
  • 2 x more durable as standard nylon

Work trousers with practical details

Our work trousers feature many of the practical details a carpenter needs and they are highly suitable as carpenter trousers. As a carpenter, it is important to have your tools close at hand, and thus the hammer strap, thigh pocket and ruler pocket are all placed within reach. In addition to your tools, it is also practical to have screws and bits within easy reach, which is why our range also has work trousers and bib overalls with hanging tool pockets.

Carpenter trousers with practical hanging tool pockets

Hanging tool pockets are available in different shapes depending on what they will be used for. A carpenter will usually prefer hanging tool pockets which have large compartments for nails and screws, while an electrician would prefer to have pockets with several small sections for screwdrivers, pliers, cutters etc.
Hanging pockets are a great help – by choosing work trousers with hanging tool pockets, you get an extra ‘toolbox’ which is always within handy reach.

Carpenter trousers with hanging tool pockets

Outdoor carpentry work

A carpenter’s work often takes him outdoors, for example when laying a new roof, but there is no guarantee that the weather will be at it best. At ENGEL we have a wide range of tops that make the work a bit easier. These include our pilot jackets, which incorporate the special FE-Tex membrane and are thus both breathable and waterproof.

To keep out the cold, we can supply both knitted sweaters and insulating thermal wear, while our socks – which contain wool – will keep your feet warm.

FE-Tex Membrane

FE-Tex membrane clothing provides effective protection from wind and water, while ensuring that your skin can breathe. The FE-Tex membrane features a special fibre structure that allows body heat and moisture to escape – while protecting you from the external conditions. Specially designed for heavy physical work that generates a great deal of body heat.

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