Bricklayers / Masons

Workwear for bricklayers / Masons

As a bricklayer, a lot is required of your workwear. The colour is one thing – but it also needs to fit well and be durable.

The ENGEL collection includes a selection of workwear that is perfect for bricklayers. In addition to our trousers – which are reinforced where they are exposed to the most wear – you will also find jackets which are ideal for bricklayers.

Workwear for bricklayers / Masons

Mason trousers with knee pads pockets

The trousers have reinforced knees, with the option of inserting knee pads. Our knee pads are ergonomically shaped to ensure freedom of movement and also providing support and shock absorption which protects the knees when laying tiles.

Workwear for bricklayers / Masons

Jackets for bricklayer work

Our jackets are made of the same durable material as the bricklayer trousers, and are specially designed with masonry work in mind. For example, the zipper is covered to protect it from mortar etc.

A bricklayer is also working outside in the open and our collection also includes winter jackets, hats and other protective wear, for all kinds of weather and will cover the wide range of tasks of a bricklayer including pockets, with easy access for tools.

Jackets for bricklayers

Knees and trouser protection

As a bricklayer, your job often involves working on your knees. The working environment may be littered with stones and mortar, which abrades your workwear and is hard on your knees. This is why we always recommend inserting shock-absorbing knee pads in your trousers.

We also use CORDURA® fabric to protect workwear so that it lasts longer.

CORDURA® protection on the knee extends the life of the trousers

We use 100% Cordura® – 220 g/m2 – reinforcement on the knee pockets of most of our trousers. CORDURA® is an extremely durable material, which is incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to tears and holes.


Accessories for mason’s clothing

Need advice on choosing mason’s clothing?

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