Workwear with stretch

The X-treme series from ENGEL combines comfort, functionality and an extremely sporty look. Now, you no longer have to quickly change out of your workwear and into your leisurewear. The X-treme series from ENGEL gives you a fresh and sporty design – and clothes you are happy to wear all day.

X-treme work trousers offer the following advantages:

  • Increased comfort with mechanical stretch
  • New and slimmer fit
  • Ergonomically shaped knees
  • Ventilating material behind the knees and in the inseam
  • Reinforcement at bottom of trouser legs for extra durability
  • Reflectors on back of legs for greater visibility
  • Possibility for attaching hanging tool pockets (click system)

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Slim-fit design that stretches right into your daily life

With the X-treme series, we have created a hybrid between work and leisure which naturally provides all the comfort, functionality and safety you need in a busy working day. At the same time, it is a modern design with lots of stretch for optimum freedom of movement – as well as attracting a few more glances from passers-by as you return home from work!

Durable trousers with lots of cool details

The work trousers are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton in a good wear-resistant quality with mechanical stretch. Moreover, the trousers have a panel along the inseam and on the pleat in extra stretch material for increased freedom of movement and improved wear. The trousers are designed for outstanding comfort and functionality – among other things with different pocket types so you can reach your tools quickly, easily and safely.

ENGEL X-treme
ENGEL X-treme
ENGEL X-treme

Mechanical stretch expands the limits for workwear

Mechanical stretch is a special weaving technique that gives the fabric a unique degree of elasticity and durability. Clothes in mechanical stretch can be washed repeatedly at 60°C without this affecting elasticity. Even after extensive use and numerous washes at 60°C, the elasticity is still outstanding, and the trousers show no signs of the usual small breaks in elastic which is often seen with Spandex. Clothing produced in mechanical stretch ensures optimum freedom of movement for the tradesman as well as a modern design that keeps its shape.

Pockets for every need

For many small firms of carpenters and electricians, a mobile phone is one of their most important tools! Therefore, the ENGEL design team have integrated a mobile phone pocket on the right thigh, and a special mobile phone pocket in the left thigh pocket with space for an iPhone with a heavy-duty builders’ workman cover. At the same time, we have reinforced the ruler pocket, and given it a facelift with a band from which you can hang everything from screwdrivers to spanners and pincers. There is also a small buttonhole for securing a tool button, where the button functions as a knife-holder. So the tool stays where it should!

With or without hanging tool pockets?
It’s entirely up to you. We have further developed our hanging tool pockets so they are now available with two large pockets for carpenters – with ample space for nails, screws and nuts – and with three smaller pockets for the electrician’s screwdrivers, pliers and knives. The work trousers are supplied as standard with a click system, so that the hanging tool pockets can quickly and easily be attached when you need them. This mobile toolbox will therefore meet the needs of the individual tradesman even better than before.

Products from the X-treme series

There are endless ways to combine the X-treme series
- here are some of our suggestions:

Developed and tested by professionals

Throughout the entire development process of the X-treme series, the design team at ENGEL has collaborated closely with various professional tradesmen. Their experience and input has ensured that the entire X-treme series – from work trousers in stretch to midlayers, vests and Softshell jackets – has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the discerning tradesman both at and away from work. During the process, we have also tested the clothing with a number of tradesmen.

Nicolai Rønnow


Nicolai Rønnow, electrician

Anders Sørensen


Anders Sørensen, carpenter

Malene Dirksen


Malene Dirksen, Designer

The electricians opinion

Has tested: X-treme trousers 0360

Design is more important than I thought
”It was only when I was asked to test the trousers that I realised how important it is that my workwear doesn’t just function well from a practical point of view, but that I also feel smart in it. And this is something I never would have expected to hear myself saying.”

”But the fact is that the design means more than I thought. Especially when we’re out working at our customers. Here, it gets the day off to a better start when you don’t feel like a boiler suit that’s stumbled in through their front door.”

Good freedom of movement for electricians
”When I compare the fit with the work trousers I normally use, these sit quite a lot closer. Nevertheless, they stay in place, however many times I go down on my knees in a day – and even when I’m working in awkward conditions where I have to edge in sideways behind pipes and there is very little space, the trousers sit snugly and don’t get caught. So the stretch works really well.”

Pocket functions both have pros and cons
”I often have a lot of nuts and bolts, which I usually keep in one large pocket. However, with these trousers there are two pockets so I can keep them separate. There is also a useful mobile phone pocket – although I usually use my back pocket, like in a normal pair of jeans. The ruler pocket however could be a bit narrower so the ruler sat a bit more securely.”
”It’s a big plus that the hanging tool pockets can be removed so that it’s easy to tip out the dust and dirt before putting the trousers in the washing machine. So all in all, I think they are smart and functional work trousers which are very comfortable to wear.”

The carpenters opinion

Has tested: X-treme trousers 0360

Flexibility is key
”On days when I crawl around and bend over time and again, it’s crucial that I don’t have to keep pulling up my trousers.”

”These work trousers are extremely flexible and follow my movements – even when I’m working in awkward conditions where my usual workwear can often feel tight in the crotch, around my thighs and behind my knees.”

”Even though these trousers sit more closely than those I usually wear, they have an extremely good fit, and this is because they sit so well against my body, which ensures that my clothing doesn’t get caught nearly as often. From a safety point of view, this is a huge bonus.”

Smart move with detachable hanging tool pockets
”My normal work trousers have permanent hanging tool pockets, but I really like the fact that the tool pockets on these trousers can be taken on and off. It means that you can tone down the tradesman look when you have to do something after work – but most importantly, the hanging tool pockets don’t catch in your seatbelt or the credit card terminal which is what has often happened in the past. I just unclick the pockets before getting into the car. ”

Design also matters
”For me, flexibility and functionality always take precedence before appearance. After all, they are work trousers. But the good thing about these is that they combine both. They’re geared for what I need them for, they are comfortable to wear – and then it’s also nice, of course, that the reflectors are invisible so you don’t look like a Christmas tree.”

The design story

“As a carpenter or electrician, you know just how important it is that the clothing follows your movements – no matter how many times you bend down or climb up a ladder in a day … and perhaps you’ve even discovered how irritating it is when your trousers don’t stay up! It’s not comfortable – and nor is it a particularly pretty sight. Today’s tradesmen don’t want to go around in large and heavy overalls, or resemble a walking reflector when collecting their children, going to the gym or shopping on the way home from work. They want sporty workwear that feels smart and comfortable – and which also provides optimum safety and functionality throughout the day.”

Inspiration from the world of running
”At ENGEL, our design team addressed the challenge, and developed the X-treme series in collaboration with a number of professional tradesmen. The result is a product series that closely resembles fresh and sporty runner’s attire with slim-fit trousers, Softshell jackets and cardigans in wear-resistant and extremely stretchable materials. The colours are shades of grey, black and brown with matching reflectors either woven into or printed onto the fabric which only shine when necessary.”

X-treme stretch
”Much of the product range is made in mechanical stretch, a special weaving technique which ensures a very hard-wearing yet elastic material. In this way, we have been able to create a series of functional and sporty workwear that fits well – and which tradesmen and tradeswomen are happy to be seen in after work. In other words, with the X-treme series, we have tried to gear this workwear for the future.”

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