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Venture is a functional, extremely durable, contemporary line of industrial workwear that caters for the specific requirements of industrial work environments. Available in an extensive size range from XS to 6XL, it also meets the demands of every individual worker with the right fit and functionality to make the working day as efficient and comfortable as possible.


From ENGEL’s function-first design, Venture is made for industry. This contemporary line of trousers, overalls, work jackets and shorts has been tested by industry experts for compatibility, durability, comfort and safety. The minimalist look answers to the demands of industrial work, with no loose or hanging parts, for workers to safely operate machinery and equipment. Venture has been developed with a lighter, hardwearing 250 g/m² fabric (a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton) to keep workers cool when operating heat-emitting machinery and comfortable when working for many hours in warm work environments. An accessible line of workwear for high-volume purchasers, Venture does not compromise on quality, form and fit and can cater for industries of all sizes.


ENGEL’s knowledge and experience of the industrial work environment, combined with its function-first design, informs the construction of every garment in the Venture range. Its sleek, minimalist design features few but functional pockets to be safely worn when operating machinery and equipment. The lighter hard-wearing 250 g/m² fabric keeps workers comfortable in industrial working conditions – from the operation of heat-emitting machinery to working in warm environments for hours at a time. The fit of the clothing is also core to the design. Elasticated panels in the waistbands of trousers and shorts and ergonomically preformed knees, adjustable straps and stretch fabric, ensure Venture delivers an optimal fit and maximum freedom of movement to the wearer. Reflective details on the front and back of the Venture trousers and jackets enhance the visibility of the clothing for safety while other functional details include ENGEL’s adjustable knee pad pockets and an extra wide hem that can be adjusted to lengthen trousers, without additional sewing.

A perfect match for the industry

The Venture collection has been specially designed for industries. The fabric, a polyester/cotton blend, has been chosen for its durability and is commonly used in industry due to its hard-wearing properties. The blend of this fabric also renders it suitable for wear in both warmer and cooler work environments; especially important when working with machinery that emits a lot of heat.

A perfect match for the industry

Not only has Venture been specially designed for the job, it also caters for the demands and complexities of industrial companies. Available in an extensive size range from S to 6XL, it caters for every individual within the team. Different colour combinations are available that can be used to differentiate teams or departments within the same company. With ample space for corporate logos and personalisation, Venture offers a simple, ready-to-wear solution for companies that wish to strengthen their profile.



Sleek, functional and fit for industrial work with concealed zippers and a durable fabric that keeps you comfortable on the job in warm and cool work environments.

  • Modern fit
  • Extended back for a practical fit
  • Zipper at the front for easy access
  • Two side pockets with hidden zipper for concealed stowage
  • Chest pocket with zipper to keep items secure
  • Large inner pocket with Velcro for easy access
  • Adjustable cuffs for optimal fit
  • Strap with D-ring for ID cards
  • Reflective details at front and back for increased visibility
  • Plenty of room for company profiling


Functional fit for industrial work with reinforced pre-shaped knees and adjustable knee pad pockets, elasticated panels in the waist to prevent slippage and easy-adjust leg length.

  • Modern fit
  • Elastic in the waist for excellent fit
  • Ergonomically shaped knee section for comfort to keep everything within easy reach
  • Two adjustment options for knee pads
  • Reinforced knee pockets for extra durability
  • Strap with D-ring for ID cards
  • Reinforced sliding rule pocket
  • Reflective details at front and back for increased visibility
  • Extra wide shortening means the trouser length can easily be extended by 6 cm (4 cm with short inseam length)

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