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Workwear shorts for days with higher temperatures

When it's too hot to wear long work trousers, shorts are an excellent alternative. ENGEL Workwear has a wide selection of shorts, all designed and made with multiple features suited to your trade.

ENGEL Workwear Safety shorts
ENGEL Workwear Galaxy shorts
ENGEL Workwear X-treme shorts

Shorts with stretch will give you freedom of movement

ENGEL Workwear offers several shorts models with stretch in the X-treme series. Workwear that feels too tight and which doesn't follow the movement of a body, can give you a very hard time. Work shorts with stretch meet your need for movement, and despite their slim fit, the stretch provides the fully freedom of movement allowing you to easily do your job.

The shorts are available in a 2-way stretch, where the stretch is what you call a mechanical stretch, which is a special weave technique used to create the fabric. The benefit of mechanical stretch is that it tolerates repeated washing, even at high temperatures. Mechanical stretch also means you avoid loose threads over time, as often happens with other stretch clothing.

We also offer shorts in a 4-way stretch fabric, where the fabric stretches in all directions for optimum performance and freedom of movement. Here the fabric is made with cotton on the inside, which feels extremely comfortable on the skin. The fabric also includes excellent properties, such as being fast-drying and moisture-wicking. Both models come with sew-on buttons for easy attachment of holster pockets using our click-on system.

For those who prefer a more traditional design, ENGEL Workwear also offers traditional work shorts as part of our collection.

Functional and traditional work shorts

With a pair of traditional work shorts from ENGEL Workwear, you don't have to compromise on any of the features you're used to from your work trousers. Shorts from ENGEL Workwear have the same features as long trousers.

There's still room for all your tools, your mobile phone and other things you wish to carry in your pockets while working. You'll find shorts in both our Galaxy and Combat series - both with and without holster pockets. If you need shorts that tolerate industrial washing, or if you need hidden zippers and buttons, then our Galaxy shorts are the ideal choice. We know just how annoying it is for trade professionals when a knife or screwdriver wears a hole in your clothing, which is why we have taken steps to reinforce the sliding rule pocket with CORDURA® in all the shorts in the X-treme, Galaxy and Combat series.

Stay safe and visible in your shorts

If you work in a place where safety and visibility are required, you don't always need to wear long trousers. ENGEL Workwear offers shorts with reflectors and the hi-vis colours of yellow, orange and red. Hi-vis work short can never achieve a higher classification than 1, which is the lowest safety category. If you work at a place that requires a higher safety category, you can choose a hi-vis top in class 3 (the highest safety category), in order to be fully covered.

As it is often during outdoor work that the extra protection is being required such as safety colours. All our hi-vis shorts come with sun filter protection to protect you from the UV radiation of the sun.

Whatever the series, fabric or colour, all our shorts are OEKO-TEX® certified, your guarantee that your workwear won't damage your health.

Need advice on choosing shorts?

For advice and guidance on products to match your particular needs, please contact our customer service on tel. (+45) 74 22 35 15 / (+45) 74 22 35 17 or one of our sales consultants by using the form on the right.


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