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For the vast majority of working people, their work trousers are an important part of their daily lives.
You might not be aware of how important your work trousers are, but nevertheless, they fulfil many requirements.

In addition to the basic requirement of covering the legs and keeping you warm, work trousers cover a wide range of other functions. For example, carpenters use work trousers to keep extra screws and other small items handy. Perhaps you keep your wallet in your back pocket, and your phone in the thigh pocket. If knee pads are inserted, your work trousers will also help protecting your knees.

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Depending on your line of work, your work trousers will be selected for a particular reason:

  • Work trousers with reflectors for greater visibility
  • Work trousers made of lightweight fabrics are ideal in warm warehouses
  • Work trousers in fire-retardant fabrics offer protection in dangerous situations

Work trousers for all needs

If you are a tradesman, warehouse worker or an industrial worker, it is more than likely that we have a pair of work trousers in our range that meets your needs.

For tradesmen, we have specially developed work trousers with knee pockets and hanging tool pockets for keeping all the small items which are needed when working.

For people working in the service sector, we have a selection of work trousers which are not nearly as ‘well-equipped’ as those which have been developed for tradesmen – in the service sector, you usually don’t need knee pockets and hammer straps, whereas thigh pockets are a must.

Work trousers with stretch

We have work trousers made in a good wear-resistant quality with mechanical stretch. Mechanical stretch is a special weaving technique that gives the fabric a unique degree of elasticity and durability. Trousers in mechanical stretch can be washed repeatedly at 60°C without this affecting elasticity. Even after extensive use and numerous washes at 60°C, the elasticity is still outstanding, and the trousers show no signs of the usual small breaks in elastic which is often seen with Spandex. Work trousers produced with mechanical stretch ensures optimum freedom of movement for the tradesman as well as a modern design that keeps its shape.

Work trousers with protection and safety trousers

If the work requires high visibility or increased protection, it is important to choose the right work trousers. Our range includes a number of trousers that comply with the EN ISO 20471 standard, just as we have several different protective trousers.

Even though visibility and protection are the most important features of these trousers, we did not compromise on neither quality nor fit. These trousers are also worn for many hours a day, which makes comfort and wear-resistance as important as with other types of work trousers.


We use 100% CORDURA® – 220 g/m2 – reinforcement on the knee pockets of most of our trousers. CORDURA® is an extremely durable material, which is incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to tears and holes.


Accessories for work trousers

Need advice on choosing work trousers?

For advice and guidance on products to match your particular needs, please contact our customer service on tel. (+45) 74 22 35 15 / (+45) 74 22 35 17 or one of our sales consultants by using the form on the right.


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