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The T-shirt is a garment that most people around the world are familiar with, and it comes in many different designs. ENGEL Workwear offers several different types of T-shirt, from classic T-shirts with short or long sleeves to logo T-shirts, grandad T-shirts and polo shirts. There are T-shirts both with and without technical features, and your needs will determine which is the right one for you.

ENGELWorkwear Safety t-shirt
ENGELWorkwear t-shirt
ENGELWorkwear t-shirt

T-shirts in different versions

Our basic T-shirts come in 2 qualities, one in a polyester/cotton blend and one in pure 100% cotton. The Basic T-shirt is available in up to 7 different colours. The T-shirt is perfect for wearing on its own in warm weather, or under a sweatshirt, softshell or jacket in cooler weather. If the work requires the lower arms to be protected - we also offer basic T-shirts with long sleeves.

ENGEL Workwear also has other T-shirts in the range, such as our smart logo T-shirt, which is available in both a men's and women's version. And our highly popular Grandad T-shirts, which are back in fashion. With a both classic and trendy style, this is a must in any wardrobe. Our Grandad T-shirts come in many colours and with either long or short sleeves. The sleeves have a rib trim finish to keep them in place.

If your workwear is part of a uniform, we also have T-shirts where the design matches our different ranges - to fully complete your outfit.

T-shirts for when high safety is required

If your job requires greater safety than a standard T-shirt can provide, we also have T-shirts in Hi-Vis colours with either short or long sleeves. As it is often during outdoor work that you require extra protection in the form of safety colours, all our Hi-Vis T-shirts come with sun filter protection to protect you from the sun's UV rays. ENGEL Workwear Hi-Vis T-shirts come in 2 qualities, a polyester/cotton blend and a 100% microfiber polyester.

The polo shirt - a more formal T-shirt

If the shirt is too formal and the T-shirt too casual, then a polo shirt is the perfect choice. Polo shirts are perfect for work on warmer days. They can also be worn in your spare time, and you can easily choose a polo shirt over a shirt because it's the perfect cross between a shirt and a T-shirt.

Poloshirts from ENGEL Workwear are stylish and made from a comfy and soft cotton with a little added polyester to retain its shape.

All T-shirts from ENGEL Workwear are OEKO-TEX® certified.

All T-shirts and Polo shirts from ENGEL Workwear carry the OEKO-TEX® label. This proves that the product has been tested and approved according to the requirements set by the international OEKO-TEX® business, which ensure that textile products are not harmful to the users' health.

Need help choosing T-shirts?

For help and advice about whether products match your exact needs, please contact our customer services on tel. (+45) 74 22 35 15 / (+45) 74 22 35 17 or our sales consultants by filling in the form on the right.


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