Shockproof knee pads

Function First


With a unique patented structure, to evenly distribute the forces of impact and revolutionary bounce, inspired by materials from the sports shoe industry, this extra durable, incredibly strong knee pad is certified to deliver unparalleled shock absorption and comfort, wear after wear. The ENGEL Workwear Shockproof Knee Pad is made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials.


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Designed for impact, engineered to protect and made with recycled materials

Incredible bounce & softness in all conditions

The Shockproof Knee pad is engineered to protect, wear after wear. Never before has the knee pad delivered such shock absorption and energy rebound without compromising its durability and form. The first of its kind to embrace material innovation stemming from the sports shoe industry, where bounce, comfort and energy rebound are paramount, it offers dual protection from its revolutionary foam air bead layer encased within a unique hexagonal structure, delivering superior bounce, next-level flex and superior energy return to the wearer.

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Recycled materials

The material–Lightweight ETPU (Engineering Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer)– is made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials (from used consumer goods and production waste) and is formed by many foam air beads, that act as a protective lightweight shield over the knee.


Puncture resistant

Exceptionally durable ETPU material is certified to withstand extreme temperatures–from very hot to very cold–without compromising form and pliability. The knee pad is also puncture resistant, so one can have peace of mind as well as unparalleled protection when wearing the Shockproof Kneepads.



Revolutionary design for impact

The certified Shockproof Knee Pad has a patented design with a unique hexagon structure covering the entire surface area of the front side of the knee pad. Unlike traditional knee pads, which take the force of impact in the same place each time, this structure evenly disperses impact across its multi-faceted shock points when encountering any hard surface, giving the wearer prolonged protection. Dimples on the reverse side of the knee pad actively disperse moisture and sweat, increasing the breathability of the knee pad and comfort for the wearer. This unique structure, combined with the knee pad’s ETPU material, can endure prolonged use without weakening or collapsing.


Long-lasting convenience

Lightweight and bouncy, the new Shockproof Knee Pad is as practical as it is protective. With leave-in convenience, it is compatible with all ENGEL Workwear trousers with knee pad pockets and can be washed, and withstand industrial laundering, without the need to remove them from the trousers.

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