Shockproof knee pads

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About the Product

The revolutionary knee pad from ENGEL is made with at least 50% recycled material. The knee pad material and patented design provide optimal protection for your knees. The knee pad has been developed with inspiration from the world of sport, where shock absorption and energy return in shoes are essential. The knee pad is made of a lightweight material and has a Hexagon design, which means that the pressure on the knee is equalised, so that there is equal pressure distribution around the knee. The material is made of small closed cells around air, which make up the elastic material that gives you optimal shock absorption and energy return. The knee pad is also designed with ventilation holes on the back so that the knee can breathe. The knee pad material is also resistant to the cold, so even in frosty weather or a very hot working environment, it does not lose its elasticity. The knee pads are durable, shape-resistant and can be washed industrially, so they can remain in the knee pockets during washing.

  • Lightweight fabric for optimal comfort
  • Hexagon design equalises the pressure on the outside, thus providing optimum protection to the knee
  • The back is designed with ventilation holes that allow the knee to breathe
  • Elastic fabric that pushes energy back into the body
  • Durable and dimensionally stable material for optimum protection
  • Soft fabric made of small closed cells around air for better bounce effect
  • Absorb shocks and impacts for the safety of the user
  • Tolerate the cold without affecting elasticity Fits all ENGEL trousers with knee pockets
  • Suitable for industrial laundering
  • EN 14404 certified


Material 100% E-TPU

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