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If you are a warehouse worker, mechanic, gardener etc., your work jacket is an essential item of clothing. In the past, most people wore a traditional work jacket made of the same fabric and colour as the rest of their workwear, but in recent years this has changed.

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New types of work jackets

In step with the development of new fabrics, it has become possible to produce work jackets from other materials than the cotton or polyester-cotton blends which have traditionally been used in the past.

One of the advantages of traditional work jackets is that they are typically made of the same wear-resistant material as work trousers. The work jacket can thus withstand the same use as work trousers, and is therefore practical for hard physical work which exposes the garment to considerable wear and tear.

Softshell jacket as work jacket

The new types of work jackets offer advantages that distinguish them from their traditional counterparts. A softshell jacket, for example, provides a completely different level of flexibility compared to a traditional work jacket.

The softshell jacket is characterised by its soft and flexible surface. The inside of a softshell jacket can be made in different ways, but will usually be soft and comfortable against the skin.

Softshell jackets are available in fabrics that have just the right properties for the work being performed. In developing softshell jackets at ENGEL workwear, we are very aware that requirements vary depending on the job being performed when wearing a work jacket. We therefore work with the fabrics and give them exactly the right properties.

Breathable and waterproof work jackets

When choosing a work jacket, it is a good idea to look at both how breathable and how waterproof the jacket is.

Modern technology allows us to combine these two properties, and it is possible to create a work jacket which is both extremely breathable and extremely waterproof. Depending on the work, you can thus choose the most appropriate work jacket. If, for example, you work indoors, there is no need for a waterproof jacket, but it may certainly be an advantage to choose one which is very breathable.

Water resistance and breathability

Water penetration resistance is measured in “millimetre water column pressure”. The water column pressure is measured by placing a liquid column gauge over the material so that material with water penetration resistance 5000 mm can keep water out from a five metre (5000 mm) gauge. Material with a water penetration resistance of 10.000 mm can resist water from a 10 metre (10000 mm) gauge, etc.

MVP value indicates breathability of a membrane. MVP value is an expression of the quantity of water vapour that can escape through one square meter of a membrane within 24 hours. A breathable product rated at 5000 can therefore “breathe” 5000 g (5 litres) water vapour per square metre in 24 hours.

Work jackets for cold work and outdoor work

In addition to its softshell jackets, ENGEL also has a wide selection of insulated work jackets.

Just like the softshell jackets, our parka and pilot jackets also come with different properties. They are all designed to keep you warm, while breathability and water penetration resistance vary depending on the purpose of the jacket.

If you need different types of work jackets, one of our shell jackets may be the ideal solution. These jackets can be used as they are, and function as a light work jacket. If, however, there are situations where you need a warmer jacket, you can choose one of ENGEL Workwear’s inner jackets, as these can easily be zipped into the shell jacket. Depending entirely on your needs, you can choose between a softshell jacket, a fleece jacket or quilt jacket. These jackets can, of course, also be worn separately. This gives you a unique opportunity to compose your work jacket so that it perfectly matches the demands of each working day.

FE-Tex Membrane

Membrane clothing provides effective protection from wind and water, while ensuring that your skin can breathe. The membrane features a special fibre structure that allows body heat and moisture to escape – while protecting you from the external conditions. Specially designed for heavy physical work that generates a great deal of body heat.

FE-Tex Membrane

High-visibility work jackets

The ENGEL Safety series has a wide range of work jackets which are very visible. All these work jackets comply with the EN ISO 20471 for high-visibility clothing.

In order not to compromise on quality and comfort, the series includes all the jackets which are available in the other series. The need to comply with a particular standard should not mean that you have an inferior choice of work jackets to match your needs, and it is thus possible to choose both traditional work jackets and also softshell jackets and fleece jackets.

Work jackets with increased safety

Traditional work jackets are still worn where extra protection is needed. Here, you have the advantage that you can choose a jacket made of a fabric with the same protective properties as work trousers – and in this way be sure of complying with all the regulations which apply in connection with the work to be performed. The ENGEL Safety+ series therefore has a wide selection of traditional work jackets, as each of them is adapted to the range of safety wear to which they belong.

Work jackets to match your company profile

By far the majority of ENGEL’s work jackets can be furnished with printed logos on both the chest and back, enabling companies to personalise the jackets they issue to their employees. We have a wide selection of colours in our collection, and by adding a company logo, a business is able to establish a clear profile by choosing colours and logo position to match its overall corporate image. The vast majority of ENGEL Workwear’s work jackets can also be furnished with embroidery, but in the case of waterproof jackets, it is important to note that the jacket’s water penetration resistance will suffer as a result of being embroidered.

Need advice on choosing work jackets?

If your company needs guidance on choosing work jackets for its employees, please contact one of our consultants or our customer service by filling out the form on the right. We are ready to answer your questions, and would be very happy to visit for an informal meeting.


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