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If you have to wear workwear daily, it's normal to have high demands of the clothing. It has to be durable, comfortable to wear, easy to keep clean and must of course provide optimum protection during the working day.

At ENGEL Workwear, we are very aware of these demands, and we constantly develop new products to ensure that we meet these demands.

Below you can read about some of the features we think are important, many of which you'll find in products in our workwear series. Next to each product in the workwear product overview, you can see the features they come with.



We use 100% CORDURA® – 220 g/m2 – reinforcement on the knee pockets of most of our trousers. CORDURA® is an extremely durable material, which is incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to tears and holes.

- 10 x more durable than cotton
- 3 x more durable than standard polyester
- 2 x more durable as standard nylon

FE-Tex Membran

FE-Tex Membrane

FE-Tex membrane clothing provides effective protection from wind and water, while ensuring that your skin can breathe. The FE-Tex membrane features a special fibre structure that allows body heat and moisture to escape – while protecting you from the external conditions. Specially designed for heavy physical work that generates a great deal of body heat.

LOXY refleks


We use LOXY® EN 471/EN ISO 20471-certified reflectors. These reflectors meet applicable visibility requirements and make you more visible, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

By combining flexibility with high visibility, our reflective materials provide maximum safety without compromising comfort.



LYCRA® is used in many fabrics to make them stretchable. In addition to making the product flexible, the LYCRA® fibres also ensure that the product returns to its original shape after it has been stretched. Garments made with LYCRA® are thus comfortable and durable.



Products made with COOLMAX® fibres have the special property of keeping the skin dry. The COOLMAX® fibres wick moisture away from the skin for greater comfort.


3M Thinsulate

3M Thinsulate is the latest insulation technology. It is based on synthetic microfibres that are ten times smaller than those used in other synthetic insulation materials. It means that the minute fibres are able to absorb even more air. Consequently, Thinsulate can achieve the same insulating effect as other products but with a significantly thinner layer.



As a general rule, we use YKK zippers.

Industrial laundering

Products labelled with a ‘PRO’ symbol are suitable for industrial laundering according to ISO 15797. ISO 15797 is an international standard specifying what a product should be able to withstand in relation to industrial washing and finishing procedures.
The products are tested in relation to washing and drying processes, and the label on each product provides information on which washing and drying processes are suitable for the product.

The label comprises three parts:
- the text ‘PRO’, which indicates that the instructions apply for industrial laundering
- a column with numbers from 1 to 8
- a symbol which indicates the drying process

The highlighted numbers indicate whether the product is made of 100% cotton or whether it is a product that contains synthetic fibres. At the same time, the number indicates which type of bleaching can be used; for example, the number 7 indicates that it is a dyed product made of 100% cotton which cannot be bleached.

A square containing a hexagon indicates that the product can be tumble-dried, while a square with horizontal lines indicates that the product withstands tunnel finishing. If both symbols are included, both drying processes can be used for the product.

The wash symbol provides information to the laundries so they know how the products have been tested and which washing and drying processes they can use.

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