Workwear for the transport industry

The Cargo series from ENGEL has been developed for and tested by people in the transport industry.

It offers attractive design combined with wear-resistant materials and an excellent fit that remains snug all day long. No matter how many times you bend down or get in and out of the truck.

The focus of this series is:

  • Wear resistance
  • Visibility
  • Optimal dexterity

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Cargo – everything you need for your working day

The Cargo series gives you precisely the workwear you need during a busy working day. We have designed the work trousers without knee pockets and in a narrower fit with lots of stretch, offering a smarter look and optimum freedom of movement.

The tops are made of lightweight quality materials, and you can quickly unzip the jacket sleeves, turning it into a vest. This ensures full comfort in any weather conditions, no matter how many hours you spend behind the wheel.

ENGEL Cargo workwear
ENGEL Cargo workwear
ENGEL Cargo workwear

The Cargo series can be combined in numerous ways, and is available as:

  • Stretch work trousers, with or without reflectors
  • Overalls with angled reflectors on the legs
  • Jacket with detachable sleeves
  • Sweat cardigan
  • T-shirt with ribbed collar
  • Fleece cardigan

The series comes in 4 colour combinations

ENGEL Blue Ink/Yellow

Blue Ink/Yellow

ENGEL Black/Yellow


ENGEL Grey/Red


ENGEL Black/Green


Do your trousers remain snug all day?

… or do they ride down at the back when you get behind the wheel? Cargo work trousers are made of wear-resistant 65% polyester and 35% cotton mechanical stretch fabric. They also have an integrated elastic waist, so the trousers remain in position – all day long!

Cargo work trousers offer several benefits:

  • Ergonomically shaped and reinforced knees
  • Inner seam panel ensures a comfortable crotch seam and greater flexibility
  • The panel is made of extra-stretchable, ventilating material
  • Elasticated waist at the back ensures a good fit
  • Strap with D-ring
  • Many functional pockets, e.g. thigh pocket with flap
  • Inside pocket for a ruler or documents etc.
  • Reflectors for greater visibility

Transport industry consulted at every step

The Cargo series from ENGEL has been developed for the transport industry, and tested along the way by drivers, warehouse workers, service staff and hauliers. ENGEL’s design team has translated their everyday work and industry needs into durable and functional workwear with a stylish and timeless design.

Read what one of the test people had to say below:

Lars Søndergård

"Finally free of ‘shorts’..."

Lars Søndergård, haulage carrier,
Aale Vognmandsforretning

Malene Dirksen

"Stylish design with lots of stretch"

Malene Dirksen,
Designer, ENGEL Workwear

Test report from a truck driver

”As a distribution driver, you have to climb in and out of the truck an awful lot each day. And if you find that your trousers ride up into shorts every time you get behind the wheel, it quickly becomes annoying. That is what my previous work trousers were like, which were not as elastic as these ones. Now they stay in place, no matter how many times I get in and out.”

Better durability and good pocket distribution

”The trousers also last much longer than I am used to. They normally tear between the legs after three months and have to be replaced. But not these ones. The position and number of pockets is also a big advantage. There are not too many, and they are spaced far enough apart that I can quickly pull out my handheld scanner and return it to the right pocket without hitting the paper, pencil and other things I have in my pockets.”

Reflectors with advertising value

”For the first time ever, I am receiving compliments on my clothing when I visit customers. They think it is stylish, and like the reflectors, which match the colour of my trucks. It means a lot to me that vehicles, drivers and clothing all reflect the professionalism we stand for. With the positive attention the trousers have brought so far, I certainly intend to wear them next time I compete for the European title in truck driving. Everything counts in order to win back the title!”

The story behind the Cargo series

”While developing the Cargo series, ENGEL’s design team looked at the general fashion trend that workwear can now be snug in the right places, and the specific needs of the transport industry for functional and durable workwear. The result is a clothing collection with a stylish design that also allows plenty of movement. At the same time, we have not compromised on safety and have put reflectors on trousers and tops in angled lines.”

Flexibility in your working day

”We designed the jacket with detachable sleeves and hood because the workwear needs in the transport industry are so varied. The T-shirt and cardigan are made of lightweight materials for the same reason. This means the clothing adapts to the many hours a driver spends behind the wheel. The various colour combinations also make it possible for each person to give the workwear a more personal look.”

Stylish design with lots of stretch

”Much of the Cargo series is made of mechanical stretch fabric, which uses a special weaving technique to produce a very hard-wearing yet elastic material. We have also sought in our design to combine traditional work trousers with current fashion trends, to create a clothing collection with a pure expression that also meets the needs of the transport industry for a good fit and freedom of movement.”

Mechanical stretch expands the limits for workwear

Mechanical stretch is a special weaving technique that gives the fabric a unique degree of elasticity and durability. Clothes made of mechanical stretch fabric can be washed repeatedly at 60°C without affecting the elasticity. Even after extensive use and numerous washes at 60°C the elasticity is still outstanding, and the trousers show no signs of the usual small breaks in the elastic often seen with Spandex. Clothing made of mechanical stretch fabric ensures optimum freedom of movement and a modern design that retains its shape.

Excellent visibility and safety

Visibility on the road, in the warehouse and at the customer promotes peace of mind and safety at work. While extra visibility is not always a requirement in the transport industry, ENGEL will not compromise on your safety. We have therefore developed the Cargo series to provide both extra comfort and better visibility. Reflectors forming angled lines, bright colours and pipings ensure you will be seen around the clock. If you combine the work trousers with one of ENGEL’s Safety tops, you can also attain certification. Read more about certified workwear.

ENGEL Cargo workwear
ENGEL Cargo workwear
ENGEL Cargo workwear

Download the Cargo catalogue

Find more information about our Cargo series in the special catalogue.

The catalogue contains:

  • The entire Cargo collection
Read the catalogue online

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