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Boiler suits - practical and functional

A boiler suit is extremely comfortable to wear, since it is neither tight, nor does it inhibit the body. As a matter of fact, the boiler suit has a completely unique characteristic. We all know it; the irritation we feel when clothes divide in the middle regardless of whether it is hot or cold. In this case, a boiler suit is the solution because it never divides in the middle.

ENGEL boiler suit
ENGEL boiler suit
ENGEL boiler suit

A boiler suit never goes out of fashion

The ENGEL Workwear boiler suit has always been one of our great workwear classics. The boiler suit continues to be popular among those who work in industry and among craftsmen. At the same time, a boiler suit is characteristically easy to put on over your normal clothes to avoid getting dirty, just as it will be fewer layers of workwear that you have to take on and off before going to work. In this case you can take your boiler suit off and hang it on a hanger - and then jump back into it again the day after, easily and conveniently.

A boiler suit especially designed for industry

Many of the boiler suits from ENGEL Workwear are designed for industry but are also used by craftsmen, since it is practical with one-piece clothing that does not divide in the middle. boiler suits for industry have the advantage that they protect effectively against dirt and debris, which can be extremely useful if you are e.g. working with machines - or when working with oil on a daily basis. Our boiler suits also have hidden buttons and zippers to avoid scratching the materials that are being worked on.

Boiler suits that ensure your visibility

If you work in a place where visibility is a requirement, you are always well dressed in a boiler suit from the ENGEL Workwear. Our Hi-Vis (High-Visibility) boiler suits have the highest security classification (class 3) so you don’t need to think about whether you are visible enough - or whether you are wearing the correct classification. If your job requires more security than a boiler suit in hi-vis material, we have several boiler suits with properties such as fire retardant, anti-static and a luminous arc - "your safety is our concern". All boiler suits have thoughtful and functional details around pockets and creases that prevent embers from attaching themselves. Most boiler suits are also suitable for industrial wash.

Thermal boiler suits

If it is a very cold winter and work takes place outdoors or if you e.g. work in cold storage, ENGEL Workwear has the right winter boiler suits that are guaranteed to keep you warm. Our winter boiler suits have fibre fur and a quilted lining. They also have the FE - Insulate function that insulates against cold and provides the body with the ability to breathe and thereby keeps the body warm. Winter boiler suits are available in both solid colours and in hi-vis colours and are equipped irrespective of the colour with the right pockets and features that make it easy to work while wearing them.

Need advice on choosing boiler suits?

For advice and guidance on products to match your particular needs, please contact our customer service on tel. (+45) 74 22 35 15 / (+45) 74 22 35 17 or one of our sales consultants by using the form on the right.


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