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It is all about being ready for your tasks all year round. Because we know that there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing, it is important to have the right equipment and tools in order to be able to get the job done.

That is why belts, hang-pockets and knee pads are essential tools during your working day. With the right range of optional accessories such as hats, socks and warm underwear, you will be ready for a working day in cold weather.

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Hanging tool pockets

We know that hanging tool pockets are practical in some work situations, but just a hassle in others. Like when you are on your way home from work in your workwear and have to buy groceries or pick up the kids. Or if your work trousers need washing and you have to empty your pockets for nails and screws in order not to destroy the washing machine.

That’s why a lot of our craftsman’s trousers have a click-system for hanging tool pockets so that you quickly and simply can click tool pockets off and on when you need to. ENGEL Work Wear has also developed tool pockets further, so that they are now available as two large pockets for carpenters with a lot of space for storing nails, screws and nuts, and as three smaller pockets for the screwdriver, pliers and knives used by electricians. Hanging tool pockets come in 7 colours - so that they match your trousers regardless of colour. If you have a pair of trousers with no click-system, we also have tool pockets with a wide strap for mounting on a belt.

Knee pads protect your knees

It is very important to take care of your knees when you work. Therefore you must have a set of proper knee pads when you work on your knees a lot as a craftsman. Our knee pads are shaped in compliance with the human knee and thereby allow optimal working comfort, protection and flexibility. The shape of the knee pad makes it is easy to fit into all ENGEL Workwear knee pockets. Our knee pads have been tested in accordance with the EN14404-A1:2010 classification, based on EU-directive 89/686/EEC, type class 2. This means that they provide good protection for craftsmen who are often on the knees in order to perform their work. At the same time, the knee pads protect your knees against gravel, nails and other small objects up to 1 cm. on hard surfaces.

Thermal underwear

When it gets colder outside and you are physically active, it is important to have the right kind of underwear so you don’t feel cold. We have various models of thermal underwear - some with a collar and zipper, others with a round neck and a wind breaker with a thumb-hole so that the wrists are protected. They all share insulating properties and transport sweat, plus they dry quickly so that you do not get cold. In short: with winter underwear from the ENGEL Workwear, you will be ready to confront the cold period without getting cold and damp.

Work socks

You can avoid acidic and strained feet with the right work socks. ENGEL Workwear carries a large selection of socks adapted to every season. For cold days we have our "warm technical sock" which is a functional sock in a polyester / wool mix with COOLMAX®, which ensures that you keep your feet dry while the wool keeps your feet warm.

If you work outdoors in all kinds of weather you probably have a pair of work shoes with a membrane. ENGEL Workwear offers the ideal sock especially developed for those who wear work shoes with a membrane. If the weather is warm we also have cotton socks that are suitable for this. These socks are however not suitable for shoes with a membrane. All sock leggings are knit with Lycra which ensures good comfort and support throughout the day.

More workwear accessories:

ENGEL Workwear has the accessories that will make your working day easier. In addition to hang-pockets and knee pads we have a large selection of hats ranging from knit to fleece, available with and without reflectors. ENGEL Workwear also has a nice leather belt or an elastic belt that comes in several colours. The elastic belt has a buckle with no metal, which is smart if you travel a lot - it means that you don’t have to take the belt off at the airport when you go through security.

Need advice on choosing workwear accessories?

For advice and guidance on products to match your particular needs, please contact our customer service on tel. (+45) 74 22 35 15 / (+45) 74 22 35 17 or one of our sales consultants by using the form on the right.


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