Workwear made to measure

Workwear for all sizes

Dress all your employees in matching workwear – in any size

Humans are unique in terms of height and build. Not everyone uses a ‘large’ size, and sometimes the standard sizes do not fit.

ENGEL Workwear can produce made-to-measure workwear, so all your employees can have matching clothes. We make clothes that fit perfectly based on each employee’s measurements.

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Workwear that fits results in:

  • Better comfort
  • More productive work
  • A better impression of the company

Workwear made to measure
Workwear made to measure
Workwear made to measure

Clothing with a good fit creates a good impression

ENGEL Workwear has a wide range of workwear. All our products have an excellent fit and comfort. People wear our workwear for many hours each day, so it is very important that they feel comfortable in the clothes and that the size is right. Clothes that fit badly are unpleasant to wear and impede performance.

In addition to affecting the user’s well-being, clothing with a good fit sends an important signal about your company. When employees’ workwear is a good fit, it conveys an impression of an orderly workplace.

Workwear tailored according to individual measurements

To ensure that most people can find a size that fits, we stock a wide range of sizes and trousers in several leg lengths. But no matter how many variants we stock, there will always be some employees for whom the common sizes do not fit. We therefore offer made-to-measure workwear, so everyone in your company can wear matching clothing, regardless of height and build.

Our professional staff have extensive experience in tailoring workwear to individual measurements. This fact – and our close cooperation with our own and external sewing workshops – means we are able to provide this service.

For example, we have made workwear in size 16XL and for people 210 cm in height.

Please note that this type of custom production involves extra cost and longer delivery times than our normal stocked items.

Need advice about made to measure workwear?

Contact our customer service on tel. (+45) 74 22 35 15 / (+45) 74 22 35 17 or use the form on the right to get more information about workwear made to measure.


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