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Online ordering of workwear

Keep track of workwear orders

Our online ordering system is a tool that can help companies keep track of workwear which has been ordered by employees.

The webshop solution is designed to save time for companies which usually handle orders from their employees manually.
Employees are able to order online 24/7. The system can also be set up so one person is responsible for placing orders on behalf of the employees.


Flexible set-up options

There are numerous set-up options, and the solution can be adapted to the wishes of the individual company according to, for example:

  • Product range
  • Logo agreement
  • Delivery

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More options

Some of the ordering system’s options are listed below.

Ordering options:
  • Employees can place their own orders
  • A designated employee can be given responsibility for ordering on behalf of an employee/employees
User administration:
  • Setting up employees
  • Awarding of points/currency
  • Limited assortment
  • Logo agreement
  • Own prices/points
Employees can be divided into groups with the following common settings:
  • Delivery address
  • Wardrobe
  • Responsible for orders/approver
  • Automatic/manual order approval
  • History per employee
  • Customized with company logo

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Hear more about a webshop solution for your employees from one of our dealers or sales consultants.


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