Embroidery and transfers

Workwear with logo

Just as workwear in a particular colour combination underscores the company’s image, a logo on the clothing provides effective advertising for your company.

At our head office in Haderslev, we have a large department with print and embroidery machines. We can therefore supply your workwear with a logo on the chest, back or legs, and we can also apply personal names.

We can offer embroidery and transfers in every conceivable colour, and in a resilient quality that withstands normal washing programs.

Workwear with logo
Workwear with logo
Workwear with logo

Types of transfers

At ENGEL Workwear, we usually use two different types of transfers:


This type of transfer is suitable for T-shirts and sweatshirts, as it has a very soft and comfortable surface. The surface naturally blends with that of T-shirts and sweatshirts, and you therefore lose none of the flexibility and comfort of the clothing. It is very durable, and this transfer type withstands wash temperatures up to 40°C.


Superflex is a strong transfer type which lasts a long time. It is ideal for workwear which is subjected to harsh conditions. Superflex transfers withstand wash temperatures up to 95˚C, tumble-drying at 85˚C, dry-cleaning and handling at an industrial laundry. This type of transfer can be applied to textiles with moderate flexibility. Superflex transfers are suitable for printing on the vast majority of colours as the opacity of the printing inks is 99%.

Need advice about logos on your workwear?

Our customer service is able to advise on the choice of both embroidery and transfers, and they can also advise on logo positioning etc. For more information, please call (+45) 74 22 35 15 / (+45) 74 22 35 17 or by using the form on the right.


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