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Galaxy - ENGEL

Enjoy a more stylish and functional working day!

The combination of perfect fit, extreme durability, luxurious details and a wide range makes Galaxy ENGEL’s flagship series.

Galaxy is known for delivering comfort, functionality and safety to industry workers and tradesmen, and is continuing to do so with an even broader and more innovative collection.

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ENGEL Galaxy


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What do you want?

With Galaxy, you get everything. The wide range of jackets, sweat cardigans, T-shirts, vests and work trousers, in long and short models, ensures optimal comfort in all work situations and at all times of the year. Trousers and jackets have been given a narrower cut, so they are snug in the right places. The fit and functionality are exceptional. The fabric is woven two-ply polyester and cotton yarns, which gives greater durability and freedom of movement – and makes you want to keep wearing the clothes after work.

Galaxy offers several benefits:

  • An extremely good fit
  • Concealed buttons and zipper
  • Greater durability
  • Functional pockets (e.g. thigh and hanging tool pockets)
  • A slim cut with good freedom of movement
  • Smart reflectors on the trousers and jacket
  • Many colour combinations
See the Galaxy series here

Lightweight, soft or simply luxurious?

Galaxy Light is a good workwear choice, particularly during summer or for indoor work. It offers the familiar Galaxy quality, just in a lighter fabric. Galaxy Cotton is also available in 100% cotton, which is breathable, sweat-absorbent and soft against the skin. Whichever you choose, you will get work clothing in luxurious quality.

Your kids want to help with the work!

Never let your gear let you down This also applies when your kids are helping with the gardening or washing the car, or just think it’s cool to wear the same clothes as mum or dad wear for much of the day.

We have therefore taken the best items from the Galaxy series and created a unique collection of workwear for kids – in a wide range of sizes and with all the same great functions and details you know from your own workwear.

See the Galaxy Kids collection here
ENGEL Galaxy Kids

The story behind the Galaxy series

”The boundary between work and leisure time is becoming increasingly blurred, while individual needs are playing a greater role in society. These trends have been the focal point for ENGEL’s design team while developing the Galaxy series, where our goal has been to create a broad collection of workwear. In many different colours and with a stylish design and fit that makes you want to keep wearing the clothing after work.”

Designed for action

”Throughout the development phase, the Galaxy series has been tested internationally by workers from various sectors. This has given us valuable knowledge and input into the needs of the various groups. The feedback has been in relation to everything from the position and number of pockets, to the length of jackets and trousers. We have translated the input and ideas of the test people into a series of stylish and functional workwear that is designed for action. ”

High durability and safety

”Much of the Galaxy series is made from an extremely wear resistant fabric, woven from two-ply 65% polyester and 35% cotton yarn. The clothing also has high visibility, with smart reflectors on jackets and trousers that make your working day safer. Our series of workwear for children, which is the latest addition to our range, offers the same high quality.”

Malene Dirksen

Malene Dirksen
Designer of the Galaxy series

ENGEL Galaxy
ENGEL Galaxy
ENGEL Galaxy
ENGEL Galaxy
ENGEL Galaxy

Developed and tested in close cooperation with professionals

The workwear in the Galaxy series has been developed in cooperation with – and continuously tested by – a range of tradesmen and industry professionals. Every detail on the clothing has therefore been designed for the industry’s specific needs, to make each person’s working day as efficient, safe and comfortable as possible. We also strive to make life as easy as possible for purchasers. It all starts with dialogue.

A tradesman and a purchaser report on their experiences below:

The professional's opinion

The quality is a step up

”In relation to design, fit and durability, we now have workwear that really does its job. We have a cold building, where temperatures are often below zero because the gates are being opened and closed all day long, so it is crucial that the clothing is warm and allows easy movement.”

”The pilot jacket has an excellent fit, which is snug in all the right places. It almost feels like the jacket has been designed for me. The elastic band at the wrist keeps the wind out, for example when sorting parcels.”

Better work safety and satisfaction

”The jacket’s reflector strips on the shoulders and at the bottom hem ensure you will be seen from far away. This gives me and my 50 colleagues peace of mind as we work each day in a hall where a lot of forklifts are operating. Design and comfort also mean a lot to each employee. You wear workwear for many hours each day, so if you feel comfortable in it, this naturally affects your general work satisfaction.”

Quick delivery a bonus

”As Operations Coordinator, I order workwear for everyone in the hall – typically once or twice a week. The clothing normally arrives the day after I have ordered it on the website. That’s not something I have seen before. So in addition to having workwear that is attractive, hard wearing and comfortable to wear, I earn extra bonus points among my colleagues by being able to ensure quick delivery, straight after they have enquired about something.”

Dan Prägler

Dan Prägler
Operations Coordinator
Danske Fragtmænd A/S /

The purchaser's opinion

Employees chose ENGEL workwear

”Purchasing workwear for 3,000 employees with varying builds and clothing needs demands a broad range of workwear. ENGEL has this. They were also the supplier offering the best correlation between price and quality. After thoroughly testing the clothes on employees and in the washing machine, ENGEL was chosen as the supplier just over two years ago, and I’m still very satisfied.”

Never worry about delivery

”Attractive design and a great fit were some of the things employees highlighted after testing the clothing. And since they wear the clothes for eight hours each day, that is something I have to listen to as a purchaser. I have also experienced extremely reliable delivery for over two years now, almost irrespective of what and when we order.”

Good partnership and great offers

”Even though ordering and delivery is via our distributors, I can always call ENGEL directly to get answers to my questions. They also contact us with good offers when they have large stocks of certain garments. This direct and close dialogue with ENGEL makes them a valued partner that is good at reading our needs.
For example, last year I ordered four winter jackets in a colour they were not able to deliver. Instead, they supplied the jackets in another colour free of charge, which the employees could wear until the jackets in the desired colour arrived 14 days later. So the employees would not freeze in the meantime. That’s good service.”

Gitte Kalmar

Gitte Kalmar
Purchasing Manager
Danske Fragtmænd A/S /

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