Care Instructions - ENGEL

Instructions for using ENGEL Safety
  • Carefully follow the instructions on the care labels; they describe exactly what the clothes can withstand.
  • Wash frequently and carefully to prolong the life of the clothing.
  • Heavily soiled clothing should be spot washed using fabric detergent before placing the clothing in the regular wash, e.g. oil and grease.
  • Washing detergents containing perborates may affect the colour of the material and the reflectors at high temperatures. We therefore recommend using standard colour fabric detergent.
  • Do not use fabric conditioner.
  • When ironing or pressing the clothing, do not exceed a temperature of 150° C.
  • The dirt-resistant finish on the clothing can be reactivated by ironing or tumble-drying at a high temperature.
  • The clothing must be stored in a dry, dark and well-ventilated room.

Instructions for using ENGEL Safety+
We recommend that the multi-functional fabric is only washed or cleaned by an industrial laundry.
  • Only use and wash the products with closed buttons/zipper as described on the care label.
  • Sort the garments according to colour and degree of soiling.
  • Garments made from multi-functional fabrics must be washed separately from other finishes.
  • The wash load should not exceed 70% of machine capacity.
  • To reduce the possibility of insoluble soap residues being deposited on the garments, synthetic detergents are recommended.
  • We recommend that garments are washed using a two-step washing cycle: Prewash at 40° C and main wash at up to 60° C with WOR (a water and oil-repellent product).
  • The alkalinity level should be sufficient for an efficient wash, but not excessive.
  • We recommend a minimum of three rinses to eliminate any residues.
  • Only softened water should be used for washing and rinsing to avoid the formation of calcium and insoluble residues.
  • Do not under any circumstances use bleaching agent/chlorine or fabric conditioner as these substances can ruin the fabric’s finish.
  • Garments should have a moisture retention of 35-40%, to allow good crease recovery during tunnel finishing. Drying by means of pressing is also recommended.
  • Recommended minimum moisture retention after drying is 4%.
  • To reactivate the chemical-repellent properties of the fabric (EN13034+A1:2009), the garments should be re-treated by means of tunnel-finishing or tumble-drying at 90°C (see ISO 15797 8A).
  • Re-treat after every fifth wash with HYDROB FC to meet EN13034+A1:2009 requirements.
  • We recommend that the garments’ protective properties are tested before re-use to ensure the full level of protection is maintained.
  • In general, a maximum of X washes is recommended (see the care label).
  • However this depends on the degree of soiling and wear on the fabric. (The fabric is permanently guaranteed to retain its flame-limiting properties.)
  • For further information about fabric content, etc., refer to the care instructions.


Do not wash
Hot machine wash, max. 95 °C
Warm machine wash, max. 60 °C
Gentle machine wash, max. 60 °C
Machine wash, max. 40 °C
Gentle machine wash, max. 40 °C
Machine wash, max. 30 °C
Gentle machine wash, max. 30 °C
Do not bleach
Iron at a high temperature, max. 200 °C
Iron at a medium temperature, max. 150 °C
Iron at a low temperature, max. 100 °C
Do not iron
Specialist dry-cleaning
Do not dry-clean
Tumble-drying. Max. temperature 80 °C
Tumble-drying. Max. temperature 60 °C
Do not tumble-dry
Hang dry
Dry flat
Read care label

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