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ENGEL Workwear is always thinking new ways and the global climate challenge has been the inspiration for our production of sustainable workwear.

ENGEL Workwear is always considering how to contribute in a positive way to the global climate challenge. Now we are launching new products, made of 50 % recycled polyester. We are using fibers, made of recycled materials, including plastic bottles. These fibers are 100 % traceable, which guarantee that our products are containing the correct type of fiber and in the right amounts.


REPREVE® is the most well-known, reliable fiber made from recyclable materials, including plastic bottles.

REPREVE® is the only eco-fiber with U-Trust verification, which certifies that requirements relating to recycled contents are met. From any point in the supply chain REPREVE® is able to use our unique Fiber print tracking technology to test products and make sure that they contain REPREVE® and in the right quantities.


The U-Trust verification program is a comprehensive certification with a higher level of transparency.


FIBERPRINT TECHNOLOCY FiberPrint technology helps customers avoid false environmental claims. This proprietary technology, validates the authenticity of REPREVE® products, analyzes the fabric content and composition to support third-party certifications.


RECYCLED CONTENT Products made with REPREVE® recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer, fiber waste, are certified by third parties.

Number of plastic bottles re-used per product

plastic bottles re-used

Workwear made of plastic bottles

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