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The story behind ENGEL Workwear

At ENGEL Workwear, we value being able to provide good advice and sparring to our customers and end users, which is why we constantly raise the bar for ourselves when it comes to product quality, innovation, creativity, flexibility and environmental awareness.

Our workwear is constantly adapted to the demands of the market. We sell the workwear that you need - whether it's traditional or modern, or whether it needs to meet specific certifications.

With our many collections and extensive range of accessories, ENGEL Workwear is now able to dress employees in almost all industries. We supply workwear to companies in industry, trade, construction, offshore etc., which means that we supply workwear to some of Denmark's biggest companies.

Inger and Carl Engel
history of ENGEL workwear
old ENGEL workwear bib overall

In the time of the American pioneers, the prairie was built up by bare fists and a rough iron will. Long railway sections were laid down using just simple hammers, wedges and bolts. In the 20's, tall buildings were built using ropes and pulleys and climbing capabilities.

At that time, workwear was mainly made of 100 % denim cotton that had to withstand all sorts of things and last a long time. Based on these requirements, Carl J. Engel Senior, in 1927, brought with him the idea of Denim workwear with superior wearing qualities from the US and founded the company F. Engel.

The fabric itself was called Bull Denim and was imported from the Erwin Mills factory in the US. Since that time, the models have been developed with several smart details, and the wearing qualities of the workwear improved by adding the yarn combination of polyester and cotton.

New colours have been launched and several trade industries are now recognized by the specific colour of their work wear. Workwear is no longer just clothing, but has gradually become part of every company's professional image. Development is an ongoing process as new smart colour combinations are continuously created.

We also boast a large export department, which sells workwear across Europe, with Germany as our biggest market.

Facts about F. Engel K/S

ENGEL workwear is part of the Danish company F. Engel K/S- a family-owned company founded in 1927, and which is currently owned by 3rd generation Carl D. Engel and 4th generation John C. Engel and Lars C. Engel, who manage the company together with CFO Jørgen Lauritzen.

The head office is based in southern Denmark, and employs 140 people.
F. Engel also has two factories in Lithuania, where 570 specially trained machinists produce our clothing.

F. Engel K/S also produces and sells Deerhunter hunting clothing, Sunwill mens clothing and IN-CA pants.

CSR Report for F. Engel K/S

F. Engel K/S Headquarters

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